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Faça o download do SIG Kosmo versão 2.0

Olá amigos!

Acabei de ser informado que foi liberada a versão 2.0 do SIG Kosmo.

Clique no link abaixo para realizar o download da sua cópia:


A versão que utilizávamos até então era a 2.0 First Release Candidate (RC1).

= New features =

* General
- Languages
Added croatian and slovak as new languages
Updated italian and czech languages

- Translations
Added the possibility to translate the layers and rule titles so the projects can be internacionalized in any languages

* Datasources
- PostgreSQL
Added support for PostgreSQL 9.X

- Tables
The tables view attributes GUI have been changed to be the same as the layer one
Added export to Excell and Calc buttons to the new GUI

- Relations
Added the possibility to define new 1:N relations (Relate). For this type of relation, if you select one row from the view attributes frame for the relation source layer/table it will select automatically those features for the relation target layer/table related to it

* Extensions
- Open Office printing
Added support for Open Office 3.2 and 3.3

* Symbology
- Advanced style editor > Point symbols
Added the possibility to define the point symbol size at a fixed value or depending on an attribute

- Advanced style editor > Rotación
Added the possibility to define a symbol rotation at a fixed value or depending on an attribute. It can be also defined if the rotation should be clock-wise or counter-wise (it can be set for each symbol independently)

- Advanced style editor > Line symbols
Add the possibility to define your custom dash patterns

* Configuration
- Tools > Hiperlinks
Added the possibility to indicate if the image type hiperlinks must be openend inside Kosmo Desktop internally or with the operating system predefined program for them

= Improvements =

* Extensions
- The actived extensions are loaded faster at application start

* Symbology
- Basic style editor > Labels
The label panel have been improved

- SLD export
The SLD export have been improved to make it more compatible with GeoServer

* Datasources
- Save layer as ... > PostgreSQL layers
Added a new option "Ignore 3d geometries" that allows to save 3d layers as 2d

- Oracle / PostgreSQL
Added a filter to the layer list that is shown when loading those type of layers so system schemas and tables are ignored

The WFS connector have been improved to allow to connect to a greater number of servers
The WFS server list included by default in the distribution has been improved

Improved the GML connector to load GML files faster

The WMS server list included by default in the distribution has been improved and updated

= Bug fixes =

* Configuration
- Network configuration
Solved bug when saving the configuration file if the network connection properties are set

* Extensions
- Open Office printing
Solved bug with raster printing mode
Solved bug with point symbols when the layer was reprojected

* Symbology
- Advanced style editor > Labels
The panel have been modified to allow to assign the rotation only if the anchor is point type

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